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Measures to reduce the negative effects
We have to start acting against these negative effects that are involved in the disappearance of bees. Some of these measures to prevent these effects require a lot of time, but are more or less available to everyone.
At a broader level, the use of pesticides and herbicides should be banned, reduced or controlled by monitoring bee populations and preventing toxic effects to stop pollination of plants and the disappearance of bees. Also reduce the effects of climate change (for this the Paris Agreement is underway). Restore the most deteriorated ecosystems so that there is no fragmentation, etc. This has to be entrusted to governments, large companies and farmers. But what can we do?
On a smaller scale, yes, we can contribute our grain of sand to avoid this disaster. They are very easy actions that we can do at home, depending on our conditions:
1. If you have a garden in your house, plant flowers in it. If you have a patio, plant them in a pot, in this way, the bees will have food. Avoid treating your plants in the home with chemical products, as we would return to the situation we named above. Flowers like mint, rosemary, poppies, etc. They are favorite for bees. In this way, we can also help the bees to increase their distribution area and get closer to urban environments.
2. Both in your flowerpot and in your garden let the weeds grow a little. These weeds also serve as food for native bees.
1. We emphasize the NO use of pesticides or chemicals, since, apart from negatively affecting the bees, when they pollinate and make honey in the hive, then those toxins pass through the food chain to us.
2. Buy local natural honey whenever you can. In this way, you guarantee a little more than being honey extracted from local hives, they are not treated with pesticides.
3. Buying organic local products you can tell if farmers use pesticides or not. Normally, these farmers treat bees with more dedication and do not use anything that is not ecological.
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